My Food Philosophy

I love food. And just to get it out there; I generally spend large amounts of time each day thinking about it. I love pretty much all fruits and veggies, as well as well-prepared meats and fish. Baking is also a great passion of mine; discovering new ways to make delectable goodies out of flour and sugar is such an interesting science, and I've always been a slave to baked goods when the impulse seizes me.

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Food is a great way to get to know a culture, and as a total history geek, how cuisines of different countries came to be is totally fascinating to me. Taste is a sensation we should all be able to enjoy, savor, and succumb to, and that's something which is so often lost in this fast-paced society of dieting and quick fixes.

I believe in a healthy, balanced diet, but without overthinking it or focusing too much on the numbers. Mother Nature is the best provider, and I try my best to eat mostly unprocessed and healthy meals so that when a baking urge comes on, I can cut out the guilt.

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I also work out regularly, and enjoy running, hiking, swimming, dancing, and almost all forms of physical movement! (Not meaning that just because I have fun doing it I'm good at it... You should ask my brother about how I hilariously duck whenever a football is thrown at me. I swear my head is a magnet for wayward balls.)
I try to balance food, fitness, and the daily challenges of high school I work out as a stress-buster and as a way to take my mind off of looming deadlines and exams.
I blog anonymously due to privacy issues since I'm a bit paranoid, but everything about my life is 100% true!

As a firm believer in food without guilt, I would love to share and spread my love for food and a healthy life with you!

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