Sunday, October 28, 2012

WWS + Intermittent Fasting

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a certified health care professional and if you have questions or are planning to try this diet, please do it at your own risk and ASK YOUR DOCTOR FIRST about any health concerns. I am not responsible for any issues caused by trying dietary suggestions or restrictions mentioned on this blog that work for me, but may not work for you.

Okay, so this post is probably long overdue, but here I go.
I know that I've ranted about accepting your body. But the truth is this: Like most of the human species, I am a huge hypocrite. I know that I'm not "fat," but I also know that I would feel much better if I lost 10 pounds. I realize how eating disordered that last statement may have sounded, but please don't judge; I'm not doing this because I feel pressure to be thin, or because I don't like myself. I want to lose weight because I love my body and want it to be the best it can be, so that I can wear clothes and don't have to worry about bumps, and, yes, that I can feel more comfortable when I'm in China with all the uber tiny girls. You may think that I'm already "tiny" or "skinny," and I will agree that I am normal weight, but not skinny. In NE Asia, I would be a bit on the chubbier side of things; yes, I fit into a size S in China, but salesgirls still hand me sizes M and L.
I am not asking anybody to agree with my perceptions, and please do not judge my decision. I am aiming to lose weight for my own reasons while keeping a healthy mind and body.
I first heard about Intermittent Fasting, or IF, here. I'm not going to go into specifics, so just click on the link if you don't know what this is.
I've always done better on low calorie diets than nutrient-specific diets i.e Atkins or the "slow carb diet". This is due to the fact that if I can eat anything I want, I won't get any cravings. Of course, my diet still consists of mostly natural and unprocessed foods, but I generally follow an 80-20 approach; pretty much all my regular meals are white wheat/sugar free, but I get to eat dessert.
I have absolutely no problem purely living on broccoli, oatmeal, eggs, fruit, and various other veggies, but I NEED chocolate. Going long-term without being able to eat as much chocolate as I want is just not plausible for me! And why the hell would I want to, if I could eat chocolate and still lose weight?
Pretty much everything is explained in the article, so if you start thinking "metabolism slowing," "stavation mode," or even (god forbid) "anorexic," please actually DO SOME RESEARCH before saying anything.
I find it much easier (just a personal thing, might not work for you) to fast throughout the day, as long as I know there's a nice meal waiting for me at the end of the day, than to have several small meals that actually fuel my appetite instead of dampening it. So my regular day consists of:
  • 300 calorie breakfast, usually 3/4 cup of thick-cut oatmeal + 1 tbsp of honey + some cinnamon and vanilla
  • fast until 4:30, sometimes I'll have a 200 calorie snack around 2:30 after I get home, but I try to wait until 4:30
  • 1000 calorie dinner! Usually 500 cal clean and protein-rich dinner, then 500 cal dessert of a 200 cal cup of "frozen yogurt" (1 cup plain yogurt + 1 tbsp honey + 1 tsp cocoa powder, frozen overnight) and maybe some chocolate.
This makes for a 1300 calorie day- which is a 700 calorie deficit per day for me. I like to do this about 6 days per week, then have a 2000 calorie "cheat day" to boost my leptin levels. I'm exercising 5-6 days per week of either pilates or HIIT. The first week's gone great; no cravings, two reeses cups per day ;p, and lots of green veggies. I hardly feel hungry throughout the day, since my stomach's shrunk in the absence of eating, and I feel full much faster. Some nights I'll just have a 300-400 calorie dinner with a 400 calorie mostly healthy "dessert".
It's a revelation that is pretty amazing- I can literally eat large quantities of sweets and still lose weight while being healthy. Of course, this isn't for everyone, because some people are just hardwired to eat frequently throughout the day. But for me, IF is simple, much easier to stick to than regular diet plans, and allows me to consume my favorite foods without restriction. I am hoping to drop around 10 pounds within 6 months; I'm on a caloric deficit of about 1 lb per week, but due to the fact that I have so much muscle, it's very difficult for me to drop any weight at all. Plus some allowances for the holiday season, 10 pounds in 6 months should be achievable. Remember- I'm only 4'11, so this is about 10% of my entire body mass. Shorter people have a generally harder time losing weight once they're in a healthy BMI because they have more condensed bones and musclature.
This is just my take on the matter; if you have any thoughts or experience with IF, comment and let me know!
BTW I'll have the cardio kickboxing workout posted next week, plus maybe a "day of eats" post.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Sorry guys- really didn't mean to abandon y'all for such a long time. About 75% of the fault lies in the standards that I must achieve to get accepted into an ivy league school. Which makes my personal laziness to blame for the remaining 25%. Not sure how I feel about that conflicting statement right there.
I'm currently experimenting with IF (Intermittent Fasting) right now, and I've found it remarkably easy and effective. I'm trying to drop 10 pounds, if not more. Now before people start railing at me about how I'm "not fat," or how I'm "growing," I have a long explanation that I don't feel like typing right now. It'll be up sometime in the near future, I promise. Possibly on Friday or Saturday...??

Without much further ado, here's my WWS:

Saturday, October 13, 2012


I feel like I'm going to deviate from the title a helluva lot... Lots of school-related bitching is in the works, but I'm not going to let all that negative energy get to me right now. WTF does that even make any sense??? Sorry, sorta out of it right now.

Anyways, I'm just giving y'all a heads up. I'm not going to be sticking to any workouts except for tennis, or maybe some pilates, for the rest of the week because my shins have been feeling wonky. They feel really tight when I'm doing any type of lunge/jump. This means pretty much most cardio activities involving repetitive jumping are out. Pushups and full burpees are okay, but I think I'm just going to give myself a week or two to recoop and let my body rest.

I am totally out of it right now... I should probably go practice piano since I haven't been doing nearly enough of that lately, but it's so difficult because it's a "study binge" weekend. Yup, an orgy with the textbooks...
Sounds like fun, doesn't it? So does sticking forks between your toes.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Things I'm grateful for: YOLO post

This is my first ever You Only Live Once post!!! In these posts I'll be discussing the deeper aspects of happiness that can be reached by a 15 year-old. If anything, it should be insightful for both my dear readers and myself to what exactly I do with all that time I seem to think I have.

You know those days that just go so blegh, and you feel like absolute horseshit being stomped on by the world? No real disasters happen, but a bunch of stupid little things just make you feel terrible and frusturated. I have one about once a month, though usually in the winter right after the holiday season. I could list out every single little catastrophe that happened today using my impassioned supply of oxymorons. I could rant about how fat I feel and then make up with myself again (through the blessed mediums of chocolate and online shopping).

"Life is lived in moments."

I'm not sure where exactly I heard this phrase, or maybe I just made it up and convinced myself someone famous said it to add legitamency. Either way, it's one of my favorite quotes. I challenge myself to maxmize the moments- which we're not aware of unless we're in it. "Living in the moment," to me, is to appreciate that exact second for what it is. The good and the bad.
But to focus on negative questions I either already know or never will know the answer to, is not fun. So whenever questions like "Why am I not naturally super skinny like friend X," or "why can't I get an A without trying so hard," pop up, I just focus on more positive things. I focus on things that make me happy.

So here are a list of things I take for granted: (Material and otherwise)
Note- I try to appreciate them, but it's impossible to do that every single second of the day. I'd be lying to myself if I say I don't take things for granted most of the time.

*My Steinway & Sons grand piano
*My loving, generous parents who have taken in stride the fact of my mulish, awkward, temperamental existence.
*The stability of my life and family
*My family's and my own health
*The fact I was born here in the U.S and thus actually with a chance of a social life (not that I'm making the most of it right now)
*The acceptance and general trust of my family. No curfew, no stereotypical weight judging or strictness.
*My mom's cooking
*The actual shape of my legs; I like that I have defined ankles rather than the straight weird shape some people have
*My abs
*Having acne-free, clear skin
*Double eyelids
*Great hands
*My father being able to provide for us so well

The list goes on and on. But those are probably the things I can list off of the top of my head right now, in no particular order.

What are some of your feelings on YOLO??

Sunday, October 7, 2012

WWS + 2 metabolic conditioning workouts

Okay, okay. I will officially get out of my slump and post at least three times a week from now on. Anything specific y'all want to hear about?

This week's workouts (and probably next week's, too) is based off of a Shapeshifter workout program I did a while back. Workouts posted below. Enjoy, and go hard!

Monday, October 1, 2012


I am totally exhausted right now... and I've got another shitload of A.P Bio to get started on. Sorry guys, I am trying my best to keep the school-related bitching to an absolute minimum here. But just... ugh... It's going to be a late night. I'm all prepped; plenty of coffee (in my dunder mifflin mug to show my seriousness) at hand.

Here are the Blogilates vids.

Happy Monday, and feel blessed that you are over the period of life I am currently in.
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