Wednesday, June 6, 2012

China To-do List

Just finished packing my carry-on for my trip to China. I was pleasantly surprised to find that all my stuff fit into one carry-on suitcase along with one huge can of coffee to take back for my grandparents.

 My mom is bring THREE CHECK-IN TRUNKS full of presents for family, family friends, and friends. If you think that's excessive, courtesy requires us to bring gifts for at least the immediate family- which is around 30 people- plus family friends. A classmate in 5th grade who you haven't seen since middle school falls into the family friend category... and that's supposed to be close. Get the point?
But I'm still pretty psyched that I could fit both my jumrope and my tennis shoes into the carry-on. This means that I don't have to face a 12 + hour flight with the pounding fear of my workout parephenelia (tell me I spelled that somewhat correctly) getting lost in the check-in. Sweetness.

Things I need to do and to pack  in the tote I'm carrying on the plane-

  • Grab ipod charger converter from Dad
  • Get makeup bag sorted out
  • Get contact solution/case bag sorted out
  • Find a case for my glasses
  • Remember to pack my Coach sunglasses and my fave low-key shades
  • Remember to pack something to eat on the plane


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