Saturday, June 2, 2012

Healthy Choices

Sitting comfy right now enjoying my oats...
Went to my friend's birthday party last night. It was a small celebration, just some girlfriends from school. Her aunt rented out the movie theatre of the apartment complex where she lives, and we watched the horror film Hide and Seek after swimming in the pool.
Dakota Fanning wa probably around ten or so when she starred in that movie, but looked exactly like she does now. Weird. I did like the movie, but thought the ending was a bit improbable.
Plenty of pizza, chocolate, and popcorn to pig out on!
I had a medium slice of veggie pan pizza, several handfuls of popcorn, 3 hershey's kisses, and 3-4 chocolate truffles.

It's funny because now that I allow myself to eat anything, I don't really want junk food. I seriously (and I know some people would brand me criminally insane for this, not that you wouldn't brand me thus regardless) would choose steamed broccoli and shrimp over pizza hut pizza.
The chocolate though, I always crave...
And I do have a lot of chocolate. As seen through my chocolate smoothies, chocolate yogurt parfaits, and my daily dosage of dark chocolate.

I've talked about these food issues here. (Yes I know there're so many run-on sentences and typos that an English teacher would faint.)
Anyways, I guess living healthy is super easy to me- as long as there are healthy choices, I can count on myself to make them. At least for the savories. My biggest weakness has always been sweets, but if I allow myself to eat as much as I want, my brain simply says "I can always have some more later, so I don't need to cram my face right now."
It's a no-fail trick. If I make low-cal, nutritious choices on my regular meals (since I grew up on healthy chinese food, I'm used to a fiber/nutrient rich diet) I can have chocolate whenever I feel like it. Plus if you eat healthy, a lot of your junk food cravings go away naturally just because you're satisfying your body's demands for nutrients.

Now that I'm heading to China in a week, I've been planning and researching what restaurant meals might be the most nutritious and least greasy. Of course, I'm a dedicated foodie and will always sample the local cuisine, but I know that there'll be a loooot of run-of-the-mill restaurant meals during my visit. I'm almost positive that we'll be invited out to dinner pretty much every night of the month we'll be there by my parents' friends.
A post on making healthy choices while traveling in China is probably overdue, lolz, since I'm boarding the plane on Friday.
Will make sure to do that soon!

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