Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Finally bypassed the great wall of china!

Haven't posted in FOREVER!!! I actually bought a VPN service on my iPod touch as a backup just in case the free VPN I brought with me on a USB drive failed... which it did. Further proving my incompetence with technology I guess. However, since I have to post from my iPod without access to a kcomputer, I'm unable to post pictures, which is a real bummer. Oh well. This is supposed to just be a check-in post anyways. But I've definitely learned my lesson- next time (which might be next year) in China I'll be sure to use a paid and effective VPN service. I'm going to beg use of my dad's computer now to try and transfer some pics to my iPod. Thanks for all the readers who haven't abandoned TTD whilst (yes I did just use that word) I'm blocked by the Great Wall! Will be sure to update as soon as I get settled back in the U.S. P.S since I'm typing this from the miniature touchscreen please excuse any typos, run-on sentences etc. And lots of love and thanks again for supporting me- it means a lot and I really am grateful not to have to go home to a nonexistent reader base.

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