Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Free Full-Length Cardio Workout Videos

I'm trying to incorporate at least two days of "long" cardio into my schedule every week, in addition to all my short HIIT cardio and strength workouts. Been browsing youtube for some full-length cardio workout vids, and these really hit the spot. Working out with a voice telling you to push harder really gives you that extra nudge to finish those torturous reps instead of taking a break.

*Am replacing Friday's workout with this, and adding in another hour of cardio for Saturday!

Fusion Sculpt Workout Video 1

10 Pounds Slimdown Xtreme- Cardio Kickboxing

Zumba Dance Class

Intense Tae Bo (Oldie but goodie! The outfits make me laugh and are a great distraction LOL)

Cardio Dance Sculpt

Cardio Burn Workout

Enjoy, and train hard!

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