Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Travel stained but intact

My flight from Beijing to Seattle landed a short while ago and we just got our luggage checked for the next flight to home. Airport wifi + access to blogger- sweet! Sadly, one of my fave audrey + 1 blouses is mysteriously stained with the watered down black coffee I just drank... No idea how it happened, I swear. Figures that it would happen to me though. There are zip stains on the white coffee cup so how the hell did it get on me? Well, I guess the same sort of curiosity applies to the Nobel peace prize. I looove me some super watered down black coffee though, but only warm (fave airport drink/jet lag cure btw). But now I'm incredibly hyper so I guess I should stop hopping up and down in my seat before the airline lady who's glaring at me right now calls security. I shall continue to daydream about meeting one of my fave authors of all time, Sherman Alexie, who resides in Seattle while I continue waiting for the next flight home. Catch up with y'all as soon as possible!

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