Monday, July 23, 2012

WWS (Blogilates)

After intensive round with the Iron Body Club, I feel like doing something girlier. Plus, I've got school dance line auditions coming up and I've got to prep for that. I'll be doing kickline routines on my cardio days about three times per week in addition to Blogilates vids. To anybody who isn't familiar with Blogilates, it's a website and blog by Pilates trainer Cassey Ho who makes absolutely fantastic POP Pilates and HIIT videos. I love them because it's so much easier to work out and be inspired when you've got a super hot trainer with your dream bod guiding you through it.
As for the kickline routines, I'll just be working on form and technique with a couple of super simple routines. Also, tons of stretching; gotta be able to hold the splits all three ways for a minute each! It's a great workout nonetheless and my legs really feel it afterwards.

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