Sunday, September 9, 2012


Sorry to keep you guys hanging for so long... school started on Wednesday and I've been super loaded with homework.
I've actually seemed to have (almost) killed my procrastination habit this year- at least when it comes to schoolwork. I can actually focus and get all my work done. Hope that's a developement that's here to stay. Weirdly enough, my appetite always seems to disappear whenever I'm busy- also not a bad thing, as it gives me more time to do other things rather than eat. Generally I'm a perpetual snacker, but these days I just don't feel like eating. I feel fine otherwise, and have plenty of energy; my appetite just always goes away when I'm busy.

Since I'm so busy with school and extracurriculars, there isn't much time to work out. So I try to go for five short but intense strength training workouts a week, including my tennis lesson. Each workout is around 20 minutes, and thus I can crank one out, shower, and be back to doing AP bio within 40 minutes (counting changing time).

TT Crazy 8 circuit: (pretty damn tough!)
60 jumping jacks
10 spiderman pushups
20 walking lunges
45 second wall squat
30 second plank
5 burpees with pushup
50 high knees

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