Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Things I'm grateful for: YOLO post

This is my first ever You Only Live Once post!!! In these posts I'll be discussing the deeper aspects of happiness that can be reached by a 15 year-old. If anything, it should be insightful for both my dear readers and myself to what exactly I do with all that time I seem to think I have.

You know those days that just go so blegh, and you feel like absolute horseshit being stomped on by the world? No real disasters happen, but a bunch of stupid little things just make you feel terrible and frusturated. I have one about once a month, though usually in the winter right after the holiday season. I could list out every single little catastrophe that happened today using my impassioned supply of oxymorons. I could rant about how fat I feel and then make up with myself again (through the blessed mediums of chocolate and online shopping).

"Life is lived in moments."

I'm not sure where exactly I heard this phrase, or maybe I just made it up and convinced myself someone famous said it to add legitamency. Either way, it's one of my favorite quotes. I challenge myself to maxmize the moments- which we're not aware of unless we're in it. "Living in the moment," to me, is to appreciate that exact second for what it is. The good and the bad.
But to focus on negative questions I either already know or never will know the answer to, is not fun. So whenever questions like "Why am I not naturally super skinny like friend X," or "why can't I get an A without trying so hard," pop up, I just focus on more positive things. I focus on things that make me happy.

So here are a list of things I take for granted: (Material and otherwise)
Note- I try to appreciate them, but it's impossible to do that every single second of the day. I'd be lying to myself if I say I don't take things for granted most of the time.

*My Steinway & Sons grand piano
*My loving, generous parents who have taken in stride the fact of my mulish, awkward, temperamental existence.
*The stability of my life and family
*My family's and my own health
*The fact I was born here in the U.S and thus actually with a chance of a social life (not that I'm making the most of it right now)
*The acceptance and general trust of my family. No curfew, no stereotypical weight judging or strictness.
*My mom's cooking
*The actual shape of my legs; I like that I have defined ankles rather than the straight weird shape some people have
*My abs
*Having acne-free, clear skin
*Double eyelids
*Great hands
*My father being able to provide for us so well

The list goes on and on. But those are probably the things I can list off of the top of my head right now, in no particular order.

What are some of your feelings on YOLO??

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