Saturday, February 18, 2012

Best Ever FREE Workout Videos!

Ran a lovely 2-3 miles today with my dad walking Lulu, with lots of breaks and running in circles to look for them as I wandered around the winding dog trail. The sun finally came out after three consecutively bleary days and it felt like Spring. Hope this weather stays around for a while; working out indoors gets boring fast. Terrible pun unintended.
But as I can obviously foresee more basement workouts in the upcoming weeks (and because my computer can't load pictures right now) here's some of my fave workout videos on Youtube. Blogilates is perfect to add to my yoga/strength mix, and the rest are videos that cater to my inner cardio junkie and are short, super intense, and torturously sweet.
Plus all of these require NO equipment!
Which means no more excuses- why not fit a workout in if you need minimal space, little time and no equipment besides willpower?

Prts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of a 20 minute Cardio Workout in Tabata intervals by
(Prt. 1 is posted on here)

Blogilates Bikini Boot Camp/ Corset Workout

Some random dance video that is pretty great for days you just want to attack the treadmill with a sledgehammer (and I do have those days. Often.)
BeFit also uploads a bunch of other workouts with super-perky blondes too; kinda old-fashioned but effective.

I like to keep a resevoir of workout videos for days I just don't feel inspired enough to make my own, or just need another voice to keep my going.
Hope y'all enjoyed it, and I think I'll have a laptop running at full capacity soon!

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