Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yoga arm workout

Ahhhh! Been so busy (and will continue to be so for the rest of the week) I've had zip time to post. I know, I know, it's not much of an excuse, but between extracurriculars, volunteering, quick but efficient workouts, and six hours per weekday of that sleep-depriving public institution full of budget-cuts that I call school, I'm on the brink of going on a spiritual quest and asking god to create another hour of the day. Or maybe discover a portal into the wizard world and steal one of those time turners Hermione so wisely employed. Not that I have time to do any of those things...

Anyways, I'm rambling scribbling out a post right before I get started on my history homework, to procrastinate ease my guilt for not posting in a while.
(Btw I may be the last person in the blogsphere-haha I love that word- to discover the crossy-outy-word function... loving it as a way to procrastinate even more time-saving humor device.)

Quick rant on my arms:
I've got mildly toned and muscular arms, but they are disproportionately thick and with a slight layer of fat. And it's not because I've gained body fat- I've dropped a pant size this month and lost 1/2 an inch around my waist, though my thighs and calves have gained more muscle bulk :(
My arms have gotten a hint more evened out as I've been working my upper body more for the past 2 months- I now am the proud owner of semi-defined shoulders and triceps. However, they're still a bit grossly flabby and thick... and I guess it's just genetics because the first places I gain weight (I'm a vase shape) is in my arms and kinda in my love-handles.
So my goal before summer is to get slimmer arms and be able to rock a tank top without gross bulges from the tight armholes.
Here's a set of yoga exercises that I'm going to incorporate into my workout and do them at least twice to three times a week. Word is that yoga is how Jennifer Aniston gets her well-defined (and attainable looking) arms, and I'm pretty optimistic this will work for me as well since she gains weight proportionately but mainly in her upper body just like I do. Which I know because I'm a crazy ditzy teen who procrastinates by stalking celebs on gossip sites.

Hold each pose for 10 seconds (or about 5 breaths)with no rest in between, and repeat 3 sets


(hold 10 seconds per leg)



  1. Your yoga outfits are so awesome at each photos, I could never lift up my body just like the way you do in these yoga poses and now you´re making want to do yoga. I feel inspired.

    1. Sorry to disappoint, but the chick in the photos isn't me! (That's why I cited a source underneath each photo.) Wish I looked like that/could do that though...
      P.S thanks for commenting!


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