Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekly Workout Schedule- Turbulence Training program

Say hello to my big-assed friend (a.k.a. brunch a few hours earlier):

I'm telling you right now- for a woman who didn't believe in eating raw vegetables until after she was 35, my mother makes a fantastic salad. As in the best salad without mayonnaise and/or other fattening sauces I've had. And I'm not even a huge salad fan.

Am decimating a large plate of honeydew right now along with the salad post-workout. Sugar and carbs, baby.

For this week and the week after (until I leave for China) I'm going to be following the free Turbulence Training 4-week bodyweight program.
 Well, as much as I can stick to any program anyways. I shudder to think, with my ineptitude to follow any sort of instructions, what would happen if I required a sobrerity program.
I just did workout A of the program for intermediate, and it was really great. Hard enough so I could push through it with some soreness and really feel like I'm working, but not so hard I can't do the whole thing. Although for now, I'm subbing the first pushup part of workout A for 10 pushups instead of fifteen, and 8 tricep rows instead of the pull-ups due to my lack of a bar.

In addition to the 3 strength sessions and 3 interval sessions, I'll be adding in a couple cardio days; mostly just for therapeutic purposes.

Happy Memorial Day, everybody!

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