Monday, January 23, 2012

Chocolatey Test Day

I'm sure there's some sort of correlation between taking a test and craving chocolate, at least for me. And it wasn't even a really hard test day- I knew all the material and wasn't the least bit stressed. Yet chocolate cravings still hit hard...
Hey, I deserve it after taking 4 final exams in 4 different classes today, right?
I strained one of my shin muscles (got a shin splint, I think it's called.) from running too hard last week, so I'm giving it a rest day today and just did a moderate-level (for me, anyways; it's rated as quite intense) floor ab workout from and a bit of toning yoga plus 30 rapid sun salutations for some low-impact cardio.
Then I tackled my chocolate craving with this improvised smoothie:

*1 large banana
*1/2 a cup of milk
*1 tablespoon chocolate chips
*1 tablespoon old-fashioned oats
*1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder

... plus a home-made granola bar packed with dried fruit and chocolate chips, and finished it off with a fudgy-centered milk chocolate truffle. Yum. ;p

I happily received my CNY cash last night and while the specific amount shall remain undisclosed, I can inform you that it ended with the lucky number six. And will afford me a haircut + new workout gear + new shoes. And some will be put away towards my purse/splurge fund.

After all that chocolate, I'm definitely looking forward to pushing myself through a torturous, sweaty-as-hell heavy-impact cardio workout tomorrow, or whenever my shin feels better. Before then I'd rather not risk causing more damage and being sidelined for a month or more.

What're some of your suggestions as to a calorie-torching at-home cardio exercise that won't stress my shin too much?

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