Saturday, August 25, 2012

Asian Day

We went to my little bro's performance last night. His saxophone teacher hosted a reception for "Asian day," a series of performances by various Chinese people. That's a fantastically descriptive piece of writing, ain't it. You'll have to excuse me for my total lack of focused writing today- I've got trillion things on my mind and plus it's just kind of a lazy day for me. ;p
Anyways, my former piano teacher is his wife (I'm talking about the sax teacher, not my brother lol) and since she was in charge of the catering I helped serving the hearty Chinese food they were prepping in the kitchen.

It was in a vineyard about an hour's drive up north, with gorgeous views. My blurry photos really don't do it justice...


I had three spring rolls, which were crunchy and delish,

a Chinese pulled-pork sandwich,

and one or two potstickers.

I came home uber stuffed!

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