Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day of eats #2

"Slept in" until nine today, which is actually pretty late for me. I'm an early riser and generally wake up at around seven or eight in the summer even though I don't fall asleep until at least eleven at night. However, I still have trouble waking up and/or functioning with minimal sleep during the school year. FML.
Semi-brunched on a bit of leftover chicken,

2/3 of a 'naner & peanut butter (gave 1/3 to Lulu thanks to her big ol' puppy eyes),
and give or take a couple spoonfuls on the go... plus one with some goodies
I wasn't super hungry at lunchtime, so I had a nice bowl of broccoli and a couple teaspoons of avocado, which I didn't bother to take a pic of.
My friend came over and we had a bit of a failed experiment with making cake in the rice cooker. Apparently my rice cooker is more temperamental than her's. It turned out okay-ish and I will post it later if I can find out how to bake it in an oven. The slightly burnt bottom did not stop me from having two slices with some pb frosting.

Yummy dinner of basa fish + stir-fried broccoli.

 After dinner (and really all through it) I was CRAVING peanut butter like a mad woman, so I spent some quality time with a LOT of Skippy's. Plenty of peanut butter "lettuce wraps," which is pb spread between romaine lettuce. A cal-free/guilt-free pb vehicle better than celery because you can load more creamy goodness on it!!!

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