Saturday, December 22, 2012

'Tis the Season

Am typing this up on my new MacBook Air!!! Super duper excited about it, and will defos put it to good use! We've been talking about getting a new Apple laptop for me for a while now, since so much of my schoolwork is online. My old hp laptop is going to my little brother, who could hardly wait to get his hands on it.

Tons of thanks to my awesome parents, who were nice enough to get me this fantastic laptop computer. I am so very fortunate in the parents that I've been blessed with.

I actually went Christmas shopping today as well ;P
I got a pair of gloves plus some Hickory Farm sausages for my little bro, Chloe perfume for my darling mother, and a Nike workout top for my dad. I also bought a shitload of gorgeously discounted designer tops for moi. We hit up Marshalls, which although does carry mostly lower-end labels, occasionally has  some REALLY nice deals on sweet brands. I got a French Connection shirtdress for $7.00 and a Black Gold sequined top for $15! (On top of all the stuff I already bought...)

We also went to the mall, which was packed with last-minute holiday shoppers, and I bought two super-comfy cashmere sweaters. They were thrifted and absolutely fantastic! $8 dollars apiece for a Gene Meyers pullover and a Banana Republic cashmere sweater. Dude.

I've only worked out twice this week though, due to not feeling the most up to par. My voice sounds better now, but it's been a rough week. I'm probably going to work out HARD tomorrow, and then be ready for some awesome hardcore workouts once we get back from the trip on Wednesday. We're going to some ski resort up north with a couple of other Chinese families from the 24th to the 26th, and I'm pretty psyched to hit the slopes on Christmas day.

Best wishes for happy holidays!

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