Monday, December 3, 2012

Au natural (+ WWS)

5 weeks of intense dieting are finally over! And I have also found that I am happier with being more balanced. Even though I've lost about 3 pounds, I don't think it's worth it to obsess over "not eating" so much. Yes, IF has made weight loss easier because I'm basically allowed to eat whatever I want, by I dislike dieting in general, and from this point forward shall never apply it to myself again without an absolutely urgent reason.
Of course, I'll still have a few fasting days on road trips and plane rides etc, but overall I'm going back to eating tons of veggies whenever I want! I'm lucky enough to be young and have a fast metabolism, so why waste it obsessing? Of course, being healthy is still paramount, and not gonna lie, I'm pretty stoked to go back to my old hedonistic eating habits again. As I would say, hedonism is the best diet. Bt dubs, to make up for not posting in a while, here are 2 metabolic strength/HIIT workouts I made up over the weekend. They're pretty advanced, so feel free to scale it down to your level. Enjoy!

Find unfamiliar moves, and tons of fun new ones, here.


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