Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Work dat body

I recently got hired as my father's personal trainer, which is officially my first (kinda unofficial, since I'm not old enough to get my personal trainer's license) part-time job! It's $8 per half hour and $15 for one hour. Which really isn't bad, since I'm making more than double minimum wage. Suh-weet.
However, I'm hoping that the relationship between my father and I doesn't suffer too much considering the amount of sheer pain I put him through four times a week. I have the feeling that his opinion of me has gone from this...


To this...


Really psyched about the pay though. I'm going shoe shopping with one of my fave guy peeps this saturday; he has great taste. Am currently salivating over these ankle boots... but will have to make do with something cheaper. :(
Maybe next Christmas??

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