Sunday, January 22, 2012

新年快乐!Happy Chinese New Year!

Yes, it is Chinese New Year's Eve, the Chinese equivalent of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year's eve combined in a 15 day holiday.
What totally kicks ass is that you can have plenty of days of nonstop fun/partying and still have 2-3 days to spend with family and feel all virtuous and good about getting the family time in while trying to remember the name of the friend of the cousin twice removed of your third great aunt's coworker.
Did I mention the fact that you also get red envelopes of good luck money from all your relatives? Well, I if I hadn't before it's probably because I've pretty much spent all my CNY cash ahead of time... ahem...
But I mean, will you just check out all the online CNY sales going on! Plus it's tradition to start out the new year with a new outfit. Or five.   ;P

Chinese New Year Eve dinner can NEVER not have dumplings at my house! There are a huge ton of superstitions and traditions for Chinese New Year depending on wher you're from in China, but we  celebrate it pretty casually at my house since in America it's hard to capture the festive spirit. Anyways, I officially made my first dumpling ever today! I was pretty proud of my handiwork since it blended in well with the rows of professional, perfect-looking dumplings my parents churned out.

Will post more about my awesome new yoga app tomorrow after I get home from a day of intense end-of-semester finals. Gotta go watch the Chinese New Year's Eve show now!

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