Saturday, April 28, 2012

20 Minute treadmill HIIT workout

This is a super simple workout that is my new HIIT obsession! It involves treadmill sprint intervals with a 1:1 ratio, which makes it very tough.
BTW the reason it's not posted in an Excel spreadsheet (so it shows up as a picture) is because my laziness has proven itself yet again, and I haven't installed Microsoft on our laptop yet. We bought this laptop like a year ago, lol.
Anyways, down to business.

20 Minute Treadmill HIIT Workout:

2 min @ 8.0
30 sec @ 4.0

30 sec @ 10.0
30 sec @ 3.0

Note that it takes a while for the treadmill to reach 10.0, so onto the side rails and set it up to speed while you're on your 30 seconds of rest at 3.0.
Also, did you notice my treadmill workout speeds steadily increasing over the past few months? I guess I've really built up speed and stamina. Sweet!
Here's what I've been picturing while I'm sweating ass on the treamill a pic of minature chocolate chip cookies from Subway to make up for all the calories you burned during this workout.

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