Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Late start to school!

Today there's MCA testing for some of the higher grades, so my grade gets a late start. Suh-weet.

I feel like this is almost an ethical dilemma here:
Do I conform to what my peers are probably doing right now and watch T.V for another hour before getting ready for school, or do I go work out, and not have to deal with that later?

I guess the question is more like- is there anything good on Food Network right now?
Uhh yes there is. Cakes shaped like Superwoman? I'm in.


Food Network it is.

Update on yesterday's workout: I finished the 30 minutes of pilates, but opted out of the Jillian Michaels workout because I didn't want to sweat since I didn't have time to take a shower before practicing piano and heading out to volunteer at the church.
Today I'm definitely looking forward to the workout today, and I'm probably going to substitute the 10 minutes of treadmill time for a couple laps around the block thanks to the gorgeous weather outside today. This gal definitely needs a walk-

(Supermodel-like blurry lighting...)

...Who, me???

Me: Err... yeah you.

Lulu: Sigh. No Bacon? I will fart on you next time.

Yes, I do have conversations in my head with my dog.
And yes, she is always thinking about food. Obviously. Just like me.
Don't judge.

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