Monday, April 9, 2012

30 minute all-in-one treadmill workout

I am obsessed with any dessert, Marc Jacobs, oxford shirts, all-in-one products; whether it be makeup, cooking utensils, or workouts.
I created this treadmill workout today spontaneously while I was warming up with 10 minutes of pilates, and it may just be my fave one yet!
It's super tough and I'm not going to lie- I even had to jump off and rest for a few seconds in between more than once.
This workout encompasses all the elements of HIIT, working at an incline, and steady-state cardio.
Let's get down to business before I bore you with all my bragging:

2 min @ 7.5 (or at a level 8-9 on the exertion scale)
30 sec @ 4.0 brisk walk

1 min @ 8.5 (or at 9.5-10 on the exertion scale; you shouldn't be able to keep up the pace for more than a minute)
1 min @ 6.0 light run
30 sec @ 4.0 brisk walk

Incline work:
1 min @ 4.0, incline @ 4.0
1 min @ 5.5, incline @ 5.0
1 min @ 6.0, incline @ 6.0
1 min @ 4.0, incline @ 7.0
1 min @ 5.5, incline @ 8.0
1 min @ 6.0, incline @ 9.0

Steady state:
4 min @ 6.0 light run 

Cool down and stretch.

Mom bought like 60 or so of these bars for like $30; I'm beyond grateful. Guess which little girl will be offering to help clear the table tonight? You don't want to know what I'd do for brownies.

And to quote a Shakespeare-allusion: "Sweet dreams are made of this..."

Off to munch on my fave health food!

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