Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekly Workout Schedule

I've been pretty good at sticking to my workout schedule this past week, though I switched the Thursday and Friday workouts around because my quads were still feeling sore after the jump-lunges I did on Wednesday.Lots of jumprope workouts this week because I'm excited about trying out my new rope.

Bought it last night at Target after my old one broke.
Here's my workout schedule for this week:

10 minutes pilates, 8 minute high knees + burpees tabata routine, 22 minutes HIIT treadmill sprint workout
30 minutes pilates, 20 minute jumprope interval workout, 20 minutes outdoor run (depending on weather) if weather is bad/unappealing, then swap for 20 minutes on treadmill

10 minutes pilates arms, 16 minute Jillian Michael's Workout, 20 minute jumprope (1 min 30 sec steady jumping, 30 seconds strength moves)
Thursday: 10 minutes pilates abs, 20 minute HIIT treadmill workout, 10 minutes steady state on treadmill

Friday: 30 minutes pilates + 50 minutes Janis Saffell kickboxing cardio class

Saturday: 10 minutes dumbell lifting routine, plyometrics cardio workout (4x through)

Sunday:  90 minute group tennis lesson

Off to do some serious damage to this leftover fruit plate:

Have a Happy Monday, Everyone!

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