Monday, April 16, 2012

Workout Schedule for the Week

Firstly, I did some serious damage today to this pile of pineapple...

A very pleasurable experience that was sadly ended with my mother yelling "Save some for the rest of us!"

I've decided to focus more on interval work/strength training this week, as it burns more fat and gets faster results than regular steady-state cardio.
Plus, since I've started doing pilates a month ago, my waist has shrunk by 0.5 inches! Now I can officially boast a 24-inch waist. However, I would like to get down to at least 23 inches because 24 inches is still a bit bulky on a 5'0 girl. (Think Kourtney Kardashian, not that she's not totally gorgeous.) I'm aiming to lose 2 inches in total all over my body in the next 2 months; it should be doable, just with plenty of clean eating and aiming more low-carb.
Y'all know my absolute hatred of math, so although I will not be keeping consistent track of calories, I will be cutting down on carbs and upping my veggie intake. A "day-of-eats" post is somewhere in the future!

Here's my workout schedule for this week: note- everything is subject to change, so this is just a rough plan

Monday: 10 minutes pilates abs, 20 minute HIIT session on treadmill, 10 minutes jump rope intervals of 2 minutes jump, 30 seconds bycicle crunches + 30 minute hip-hop dance class later tonight

Tuesday: 30 minutes pilates, 16 minute Jillian Michaels workout

Wednesday: 10 minutes dumbell lifting workout, 20 minute tabata interval cardio, 10 minutes jogging at incline on treadmill.

Thursday: 10 minutes yoga leg routine, 4 mile run (depending on weather) or 30 minute (3x) plyometrics routine. + 30 minute kickline class

Friday: 30 minutes pilates, 50 minutes Janis Saffell kickboxing workout

Saturday: 10 minutes dumbell lifting workout, 30 minutes HIIT on the treadmill

Sunday: 90 minute group tennis lesson (kinda my semi take-it-easy day)

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