Sunday, April 8, 2012


Sometimes I swear I get so unmotivated about things... I think my problem is that I'm an all-or-nothing person, so either I'm up and buzzing and annoying the hell out of anyone nearby or I'm just totally veggin' out and procrastinating. Lately I've been off with posting because I've totally been feeling not up to it.
I did work out this week, but even that has been a bit seedy and feeling not super tough... I like to be very challenged by every workout, so when I complete it I feel like I actually deserve the amount of chocolate I eat after dinner lolz.
I don't like to do set workout schedules every week because there's always something unexpected popping up in my day, so I generally plan my workout beforehand in the day (while I'm at school waiting for papers to be passed up etc). I try to stick to a somewhat pattern of long cardio day, resistance/interval cardio + pilates, cardio, lazy day where I'm supposed to do speedwork but I skip and do a tempo run, and so on.
Err.... not much else I feel like writing about right now.
Here's a pretty picture I took sometime that I hope I haven't posted already because no post is interesting without a picture:

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