Thursday, March 29, 2012

Five Mile Run

I've done it. I've finally run over 4 miles! I have never run over 4 miles in my life without stopping, and yesterday I did a tempo run for around 5 miles.
I started out around a 9 minute mile, but overall pace was probably aound 8:50-9 minutes. I clocked in at running 5 miles in just under 45 minutes. This may be a lap around the park for seasoned runners, but since I spend more time doing high-intensity bodyweight cardio interval training and pilates, it's a first for me!
Surprisingly, I barely felt tired at the end of my run and not much soreness; I feel ready to tackle another 5-6 miles today, but will go the wiser route and take a rest day. I just have a one and a half hour dance class tonight, and it's not super strenuous (it doesn't make me break much of a sweat) so it should be fine.
My appetite wasn't really up after that either, as usual, since running at a steady pace (not interval treadmill) seems to be the one form of exercise that doesn't excite my appetite... interesting.

The only thing I was really craving was protein, namely, red meat- hey I'm a huge carnivore. I mean, I eat lots of tofu and looooooove me some veggies, but I don't remember how much I love red meat until I have it again and it's in front of me. I'm not that into hamburgers and the such (though as we all know I'll eat pretty much anything) as I am to meat that looks like it isn't suspiciously ground up and could have anything in it, like my mom's pot roast or stewed pork or mutton...
I respect your choices, veg/pescaetarians(/atheists), but if God didn't want me to eat meat then why'd he make it taste so damn good?
So it's a great thing my mom made one of my all-time faves; Uyghur lamb and rice!

Needless to say, my love affair with organic, freshly cooked mutton began anew...

Maybe I'm missing B6 or B12? Idk... we just had beef soup with rice noodles last night (yum! Love your cooking you mom) , and I had peanut butter with veggie sticks as an after school snack today, so it' probably not that. Oh well- the important thing is to listen to your body and honor your cravings.
Though you're probably needing calcium when you're craving ice cream, at least you're getting some through a pint of Haagen Daz caramel chocolate chunk. And Chocolate, btw, is a food group.
Just so you know. ;p
Crowd out the bad stuff with the good, but nooooo deprivation!

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