Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tackling the Box

I've got to go through this extemporaneous speaking info box, full of articles on international politics, by five tonight.

And as we all know, I'm brilliant with staying on track. So this post is kind of in fact totally procrastinative.
I just got back from Subwayabout half an hour ago, as we stopped there for lunch on the way home from the library.
I ordered my ol' regular 6 inch turkey breast sub on toasted whole wheat, with tomatoes, heaps of black olives, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, and honey mustard.
We also got mini cookies!

Yes, there were 6 whole cookies when we got them. But there will soon be none left. That, my dear readers, is a fact.

Practiced my camera skills:

You know you want it...

And more random pictures of some highly photographic tulips somebody gave us a couple days ago.

Seriously, flowers are SO photogenic- point a camera at them and they look incredible. Just like Miranda Kerr! Zip tweaking needed. WTF is this??! I am an exceptionally unphotogenic person, despite my charm in real life (yes I realize I'm vain, and I've earned it. Just ask my ass after all those jump squats yesterday.) so my jealousy in this matter is quite great.

Curse you, photogenic tulip!

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