Monday, March 5, 2012

I am finally back again!

I am finally able to cut out blogger's guilt return to the blogosphere again, as the laptop got fixed!
Not much is new, besides the deadline for an English paper worth more than 50% of my grade looming ever closer.
That and the fact I decided to start working on the scarf that I began last year... the one I managed to dig out under the black hole dubbed my laundry bin.

(Last Christmas, I gave you my heart...)

I just put myself through a sweaty treadmill workout to christen my new Asics; had been planning on trying them out on a trail run today, but, as always, the weather did not agree with me. And guess when the ol' sun decided to come out? Right when I finished my treadmill workout. Yup. Story of my life, I swear.
Will most definitely post pics of that, plus another intense cardio workout next time! I've got to get back in the habit of taking pictures of random objects while people stare at me and question my sanity again.
I generally dislike running outside in the winter, since it's so cold here up north. I guess I'll just keep workin' away on treadmills and indoor tennis courts, with dreams of lovely spring runs and sweaty summer sessions.

Pork rib and seaweed soup for dinner:

Seaweed Monster!

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