Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SSS- Super Shopping Spree + Kickboxing Cardio

WARNING: Rant on my troubles at buying a new purse to commence. Read on at your own discretion.
Whoooooyeeee. After romping around the mall for five hours yesterday quavering with indecision on whether or not to purchase a GORGEOUS Rebecca Minkoff purse, I left my heart in Nordstrom's Rack with that chain-strap, studded, 60% off purse.
WHY DIDN'T THEY HAVE IT IN BLACK???! If it was in black and could match everything I wore, then there would be zip hesitation. But although the copper shine is stunning, it doesn't go with everything I own (i.e. something hot pink) and is way too flashy for going to the grocery store.
Hitler's dog in Hell. (In my best Donkey Kong roar) WHY NO BLACK ONE?!?!?!?

My mom and I got our hair trimmed and eyebrows waxed, and with my upper face feeling slightly raw, I commenced to shop 'til I dropped today, in recompensation for not buying that purse yesterday.
Marshalls has an awesome, unbelievably cheap selection of workout gear. Since I've started shopping there, I now refuse to purchase a workout top (or shorts!) for over $15.
I did a long, awesome cardio kickboxing workout after I got home to get that itch to rip off price tags out of my system. Kickboxing has become my new cardio obsession on the downcast, stormy days as I dislike running outside on gloomy days; it brings down my mood.
Two awesome kickboxing cardio videos from youtube:

An awesome, healthy fat-filled dinner of baked salmon with the perfectly charred skin (hey it's cheaper than buying weird looking fish oil pills), and a salad rich with olive oil and avocado replenished me. Yum.
After totally revamping my wardrobe, though sadly not my wallet, I chipped away at this leftover dark chocolate mousse cake my mom had bought on a whim at Costco.

Yup, it used to look something like this:


Me and my little bro have been working hard at it for three days- him on the layers of spongey cake and me on the moussey buttercream frosting.
We've always been great partners at the dinner table- when we were little(ler) I only ate the meat in dumplings and he would eat the skins. Great pairing, no?

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