Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sweet Snacks

As I have mentioned before, I've got one hell of a sweet tooth. Or rather, a mouthful of them anyways.
I'll generally have a chocolate yogurt parfait for dessert after dinner, and then if I'm still craving something, I'll have a fig, or mix a spoonful of organic flaxseed with chopped dates and cocoa powder.

These are some sweet snacks that have been laying around the house and are great for immediate satiation; which is what teenagers pretty much always strive for, no?

Organic dried black figs with zero additives; they're gluten-free and nut allergen-free too

More dried fruit; the dried mangoes and super delish, but with a lot of added sugar (though no other preservatives). I like to have it as a pre-workout snack, since it keeps me full and the sugar gives me a boost.  

Chinese Candy! These are just kinda like toffee chews with a filling. I think my grandparents sent this over like last year, lolz, and they're really addictive, especially the cappucino flavor. I've nibbled on 6-7 of these since I started writing this post.

And... this is the last fudge bar in the fridge, haha. I'm sure my family will be happy to find I'm the one who ate it, or will be eating it.

 In exercise news, I'm considering going out and rocking 6 slow miles later today after pounding through a brutal interval workout yesterday. I know I've been spoiled with so many tempo runs lately, but they feel so much easier than speed/interval workouts, or HIITs on the treadmill.

And I've also got to take into consideration the fact I should be SLOWLY adding mileage and not trying to go too far at one time; overuse injuries suck, and I don't want my shins to flare up again.
I think I'm going to just go 4 miles and then see how I'm feeling; if I'm feeling fine, then I'll keep going and do 6.
Today's probably going to be the only day until next Saturday I'm going to be able to go for a long run, so I need to make it count!

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