Monday, March 19, 2012

Fruit Plate and Fartleks

Guess who won first place in the piano competeition yesterday?
Of course it's moi!
Not to be too up-in-you-ass about it or anything, but it was pretty unexpected, and needless to say, the prize money will be going towards my shopping trip tomorrow in search of the perfect everyday purse; preferably Marc Jacobs...

Started off this morning with a fruit plate from the leftovers of Saturday's party.

Make that x 2

Also brunching with the family on some fried rice. Way to play into the stereotypes, no? But I loooove me some fried rice so in this case it's kind of a welcome one.

On the weekends, or the days me and my brother don't have school, we usually have a big brunch late when my mom gets up to cook, like around nine or ten. On usual weekends, it's generally the only sit-down meal we have as a family since everybody then heads off to their busy weekend activities.
But though it's Spring Break, we're pretty much just keeping the weekend meal rhythm up, which is fine by me!
I've got a 3-4 mile Fartlek run planned for later today,but may change that to just an hour or so of tennis with my dad now that the nets are up in the park. Either sounds pretty fun right now with the weather.
Off to look up ways to spend my prize money!

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