Saturday, May 26, 2012

Down the Mississippi

Last night I went with my parents on a boat trip down the Mississippi river. It was for a conference of amazingly dedicated intellectuals...??? or something like that. I just know my dad's the host of the event/chain of conferences and everyone thought he did a great job.

...I hope my dad doesn't read that last sentence; I harbor a genuine fear that if his head gets any bigger, it'll cause some sort of mythbuster-style combustion sequence.
Not really feeling like typing words today so here are a bunch of pictures I took on the ride. I know the river scenery is bit monotonous and not the most exciting, but I feel the need to justify at least a few of the 91 pics I snapped away in boredom on board (so punny I know) yesterday.

We didn't get home until around one o' clock in the morning, thanks to some "interesting" driving... (the car door made friends with the wall and my unintoxicated mother was pulled over. Nothing serious though; just the cost of a pair of Louboutins.)

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