Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tough Bodyweight Workout

Skipped yesterday's Pilates workout because I had to volunteer at a fundraising event. Not super stressed about it; yesterday was supposed to be kind of an off day anyways.

Here's the workout I did today. Let's just say it was tough. Like, really tough. Like now-I-can-barely-stand-up tough.
Can't wait to do it again.

That's what she said.
Lol sorry- gotta remember; you're dealing with a high schooler here!
Anyways, this workout is super advanced and difficult, especially for a female (who is not a gymnast.) It definitely shows how you don't need ANY equipment and still get in an awesome strength workout.
I had to make a couple of adjustments to each move, but swore through managed to complete the entire 5 circuits.

Workout: (I did 5 reps of everything and 20 Mahler body blasters)
    Handstand Pushups - 5-10 Reps
    One-Arm Pushup - 5-10 Reps
    Door Pull-up - 5-10 Reps
    One Legged Squat - 5-10 Reps
    Knee Jump - 5-10 Reps
    Headstand Leg Raise - 5-10 Reps
    Mahler Body Blaster - Work up to 25-50 Reps

Handstand pushup-
I can get into a headstand position against the wall, but cannot lift my head off the floor. So I did it in a bridge pose with my legs up on a chair.

One-Arm Pushup-
Did a tricep pushup on one arm and a wide regular pushup on the other; 5 reps per side

Door Pull-Up-
The doors in my house are definitely not trustworthy enough to try this... so I did a chakra pose and slide forwards while still holding it, then back up into plank again for 5 times.

Headstand Leg Raise-
Did a tripod and just moved my legs up into headstand for 5 reps.

Hope y'all enjoy, and this one's a real ass-kicker!

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