Thursday, May 17, 2012

Failure with Launchpad

After doing the first Launchpad workout on Monday, I felt like it was not for me. Don't get me wrong- I think it's not a bad program for beginners- but for somebody who is already fairly fit, it's a bit too easy. I like to push and push and push and basically go all-out sadistical with my workouts, and my stategy has always been to inflict as much swearing torture possible in a short amount of time.
I can't say anything about the actual Shapeshifter program, other than that I've seen some great reviews of it, but the Launchpad workouts are definitely too easy for me.
Lolz I realize how much I sound like a stuck-up gym-rat (which is pretty much my opposite; try self-deprecating home workout video scavenger) but all of the above is my genuine point of view.

As for my workout routines this week, I pretty much copied in scrambled order borrowed heavily from next week's schedule.

On a completely random sidenote, check out these pics of dogs epically humping photobombing!!!
(Yup in the first picture the dog is humping a sheep.)



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