Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Shapeshifter Launchpad program

We celebrated Mother's Day in advance yesterday, as I'm barely going to see my mom today with all the errands we'll be running back and forth. I made a very lovely vanilla pound cake, which I consumed slathered with nutella.
For this week's workouts, I'm going to do the Shapeshifter Launchpad program!
I came across this program while randomly googling/web surfing while I was supposed to be doing homework.
It looks like a pretty basic beginning bodyweight training program, and is absolutely equipment free. After this week, I'll let y'all know how it went, or you can try it and go by your own judgement. Either way, it's only a 6-day program and 100% free.

Modifications- This program is probably targeted towards more of a beginner/intermediate level, so I can't wait to unleash my inner sadist and make them more difficult. I'm doing more of an active recovery (as pertaining to my more advanced fitness level) and doing 30 sec of burpees with pushup in the stead of 2 of the spinal rock intervals. Also, I'll be doing jumping lunges instead of simple front lunges.

Enjoy the Burn Workout

Have a happy Mother's day!

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