Friday, May 11, 2012

Skimble Workout App

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post (though if you would like to sporsor me, feel free to contact me!) but only my own opinions and reviews after using the app. Use at your own risk and read the disclaimer for the company first with no responsibility going to me.

Since I've taken a break from running, bodyweight floor workouts have fulfilled my need for a good sweat. And guess what I found? The almost-perfect tool that gives you numerous workouts for every fitness level and is practically all you need, besides a little floor space and a lot of willpower, to get yo' fitness on!
Plus, it's 100% free!!!
Now does it get any better than a triple white chocolate brownie dunked in nutella which I devoured right before I discovered this app in a quest to burn it off this??!!

You can download the skimble workout trainer app in the app store on your iphone, ipod, or (I think, I'm not totally sure so please don't call me out on this) most other mobile devices with wireless wifi/internet connection. You can also use it online at home on your laptop or computer.It goes anywhere with you, and in my opinion is a total gem for people who have to workout on-the-go, or for people who travel a lot.


There are a lot of options:
...and a lot of programs.

The majority of these workouts and programs are free! The one downside to this app is that the trainer's voice is super automated.
Anyways, I've been using this app for several months now and have been lovin' it, so I wanted to spread the love. This is just my review on it, and you should read the website's reviews and disclaimers if you are interested.

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