Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekly Workout Schedule + Treadmill Sandwich workout

I've really been enjoying these bodyweight HIIT style workouts; the only thing I would say is to ADD MUSIC. If you're working out and your mom can hear it, she might be suspicious of all the moaning and groaning coming from the computer screen. ;p

Hot Viral Sweat Workout
Zuzana Light ZWOD #1
Enjoy the Burn Workout

The weather's been super volatile lately, as in hailing-in-90-degree-weather cray cray, so if my outdoor runs don't work out, I'll probably do some tabata workouts or treadmill sprints.

Workouts that I'm planning for next week:

Metabolic Dumbell workout
Metabolic Dumbell workout prt 2

And, as promised, here's another workout created and tested by moi-

Have a Happy Sunday, everybody!

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