Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekly Workout Schedule

You know those times when you overload yourself and pile a load of stuff on because you're feeling great at the time, but then when you actually start doing it, you know there's no way you can finish everything?
I totally didn't do that with my last two workouts...
...Uh yeah I did that on today and Saturday. I had been aiming for an extra HIIT session + pilates on Saturday, but I half-assed it and only did the Jillian Michaels one. And today really wasn't my fault; I worked out too soon after I ate and was afflicted with a griveous stomachache about 35 minutes into it. (I know on the schedule it says 90 minute group tennis lesson for Sunday but I forgot something else had come up and I had to skip that.)

The moral? Don't overload your workout and make it too complicated unless you can follow through with it.

With that lesson in mind, here's the coming week's workout schedule. You'll notice I kept the workouts intense, short, and sweet:

 Plyo Workout
30 Minute Full Body Circuit Workout
POP Fat-blasting Cardio
Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism workout

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